Gilding and Coloring

We are your reliable partner for the refining of books, bibles, brochures, invitations, business cards etc. In our plant at Schmerikon we color edges with UV-ink or foil so you get gilded, silvered or colored your products. We can offer you also corner rounding and gilding with foil. Just ask for a price offer by e-mail or leave us a message in the contact form. For the price calculation please advise the following specifications:

  • Title
  • Dimensions
  • Thickness in mm
  • Quantity
  • Task (e.g. gilding on 3 sides or coloring blue PMS 638 C on 4 sides)

Delivery address for your products which need to  to be refined: Ochsner Goldschnitt AG St. Gallerstrasse 23 8716 Schmerikon 

Switzerland These are samples of gilding, silvering and coloring which were produced on our machines:

schwarzer Farbschnitt
Goldschnitt mit Prägung / Punzierung
Palette mit Farbschnitten

Ochsner + Co. AG
St. Gallerstrasse 23
8716 Schmerikon

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